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     Monemvasia - the world's only medieval and inhabited fortress. This is a historical place on the Peloponnese that you have to visit. Monemvasia fortress is located on an island, where life has not stopped since its settlement in the Middle Ages until the present. Monemvasia is one of the most romantic places in Greece. The fortress is linked with the peninsula Peloponnese by a causeway. Not only the car but the entire twenty-first century you have to leave behind before you can enter the gates of the fortress and step into the Byzantine Middle Ages: narrow streets paved with stone, red tiles on stone houses, churches, shops and taverns, cosy medieval-like hotels and some special people who have nowhere to hurry to in this fortress on the sea...

     Architecture of Monemvasia - small houses, which are several hundred years old, made out of stone in the Byzantine style, line up next to each other on the hillside. Monemvasia has its own beauty. Inside the castle guests can find cafés, restaurants, shops, churches, museums and ancient classic hotels, which have not changed their appearance of the time of the Byzantines. Having a walk through the village and the fortress lets you feel the spirit of the Middle Ages and forget what century you are in now. And at night the fortress changes its face magically - everywhere you can see the beautiful lights that illuminate homes, cafés, hotels and churches. If you visited it once, you would love to go back there to once more have a walk through the maze of streets, taste the Greek cuisine in a tavern with a beautiful view of the sea and the fancy houses. Monemvasia is an individual place that is definitely worth a look.


     Returning from Monemvasia you can continue your way through Sparta and the Taygetos mountain range with its mixed forest, clean air and cooler climate. Windy roads will take you to the city of Kalamata, where you can rest and relax in a café near the sea.