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Diros Caves

     The Diros Caves, already inhabited in the Neolithic period, are one of the major natural monuments of Greece. The amazing caves Glyfada and Alepotrypa hold lakes and were discovered and explored by the spouses Petrochilos in the bay near Diros Mani in 1949. This is the largest underground lake in Europe, located in the south of the Peloponnese. The total area of the studied caves contains 9’000 sqm and an air temperature between +16 and +20 degrees Celsius all-the-year. The caves are of incomparable beauty. The visitors explore the fabulous underground lake by boat - the world of grottoes and caves, enchanting unique beauty of illuminated stalactites and stalagmites, beautiful colors and fantastic shapes that combine to form columns and arches reminiscent of a majestic dome of Gothic churches.


     The length of the tourist route is 2 km. The tour does not take very long - about half an hour, but visitors get the impression that time stops and that the moments they spent there stretch out over an entirely indefinite period...